Day 1: The War Museum, River Kwai Bridge and Cemetery (Lunch / Dinner)

Transfer from Bangkok hotel at 06.00 to Kanchanaburi. Visit to War Museum, War Cemetery and River Kwai Bridge. 

Departure of the “long-tail” boat from port to River Kwai, River Kwai Jungle Raft or River Kwai Floating House (Hin Tok River Camp is not on the river), while we pass the beautiful unspoilt tropical rainforest and mountains. After check-in you will be served lunch.

After dinner, there is a 45 minutes “Mon” dance show at the Resotel, River Kwai Jungle Raft or River Kwai Floating House.

Day 2: Hellfire Pass and Mon village (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)

After breakfast take the boat up the river to pier and travel on to visit the “Hellfire Pass” memorial site where many POWs died while working on the performance of the railway.

Clients stay at the River Kwai Jungle Rafts, Floating House or Hin Tok River Camp visit a Mon Village.

We enjoy lunch and in the afternoon you can relax at the hotel. 

Dinner is included.

Day 3: Train (breakfast / lunch)

After breakfast there is time to relax before we leave the hotel.

Then we take a historic ride on the train “Death Railway Train”. In the afternoon, we return to Bangkok.


See all programs here:

2 nights Resotel (see program RS102) : Click here

2 nights Jungle Rafts (see program JR102) : Click here

2 nights Hintok River Camp (see program HT102) : Click here

2 nights Float House (see program FH102) : Click here

1 night Hintok River Camp & 1 night Jungle Rafts (see program HJ102) : Click here

The excursion includes:
Local Guide
Admission and excursions according to program
Accommodation in double room
Meals according to program
 Price Adult Children
Resotel (2 nights) – RS102 8000 6000
Jungle Rafts (2 nights) – JR102 8000 6000
Hintok River Camp (2 nights) – HT102 9250 7750
Float House (2 nights) – FH102 13350 10750
Hintok (1 nights) & Jungle Rafts (1 night) – HJ102 8800 7300

River Kwai (3 days)

Experience the River Kwai near Bangkok

Bridge Over the River Kwai is for many one of the greatest sights in Thailand. This bridge has a very special history that dates back to World War 2 when Allied prisoners of war and Asian laborers built the railway that was to become known as the “Death Railway”.

We take on this 3 day journey you to the major sights around Kanchanaburi which is located about 3 hours drive from Bangkok.

Here you will experience the Bridge Over the River Kwai, and you will gain insight into the miserable conditions of war prisoners lived in when we visit War Museum. We visit also also a Memorial Cemetery, located in a beautiful setting and is a symbol of how grumsom war can be.

We also visit Hellfire Pass which was one of the most difficult places to build the Death Railway. And we also experience a train ride on the railway where we see stunning scenery and landscape areas.

Look forward to an exciting trip to one of Thailand’s most exciting areas of River Kwai.


  • River Kwai Bridge
  • Kanchanaburi
  • War Museum
  • Hellfire Pass
  • Train ride on Death Railway
  • Boat trips

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