Comments from guests who have traveled with Evolution Tour 

During the past 10 years many guests have traveled with Evolution Tour. On this page we have compiled some of the recommendations we have received over the years. Happy reading.

We can recommend Evolution Tour to everyone. We visited Thailand for the first time in 2010 where we had been on tour in Vietnam and would end our holidays in Thailand on the island of Koh Chang. We did not expect that we had guide service so we were very surprised that there was suddenly a letter from Evolution Tour in our room that we were going to an information meeting.

This was our first encounter with Evolution Tour but absolutely not the last.

This year we booked 3 tours with Evolution Tour and can only recommend others to do the same. All three trips were really top class. Since then we have visited Thailand every year and have had Evolution Tour arrange transfers to and from the airport, tours , hotel accommodation , etc. and we have always been extremely satisfied with what they arrange for us.

Right now we are arranging our trip to Thailand next year, and we will spend part of the holiday in the Chiang Mai area, and of course we approached Evolution Tour again since they also have an office in Chang Mai. Once again Evolution Tour is to arrange transfers, hotel accommodation, etc. because we know everything works perfectly so we can relax and enjoy our holiday.

– Lisbeth & Ole S.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. There has been a great confidence between us. You have been very flexible in arranging for me. I have been on Paradise Resort 3 times and I have been very pleased with the service I receive there, and you have conveyed it to much satisfaction.

I highly recommend Evolution Tour. I have only been sorry not to meet you when I’ve been there since you’ve always been out traveling. But it’s probably not the last time I have used you.”

– Ejler B.

We prefer to travel individually and have a say in the planning of our holidays in the East. In this context we got in contact with Evolution Tour some years ago. A contact which has since evolved into us always contacting Evolution Tour when we’re traveling to the East. Over the years we have traveled quite a lot in Thailand but also individual tours in neighboring countries Cambodia and Vietnam.

Evolution Tour manages every time to deliver exactly what we ask for. Sometimes we only need small things such as finding a good resort on a beach holiday or to arrange transfer from one destination to another but no matter how small the job is we always experience a thorough and professional service.

Other times we have sought greater things such as customized tours with all-inclusive where it is impressive how Evolution Tour always delivers something beyond expectations. Everything is just spot-on, be it both experiences , hotels and transfers.

We have always received a great service and trustworthy advice which has meant that we have had some amazing holidays in the East, and we are already looking forward to start planning the next trip with Evolution Tour.”

– Gitte & Jørgen, 2012

The best recommendations for Evolution Tour

We have on our last two trips to Thailand booked with Evolution Tour. Instead of taking a charter trip our family of 3 generations decided to plan our trip to Thailand with Evolution Tour. We’ve received advice about possible destinations before departure, and we have jointly with Evolution Tour decided on the hotels where we wanted to stay and planned an individual travel course.

Evolution Tour has been in charge of everything – from transportation from the airport to the hotel in Bangkok to guided tours at the destination. They have arranged for transportation from Bangkok to Koh Chang and booking of hotels, both in Bangkok and Koh Chang. Everything has been to our complete satisfaction, and we will not hesitate to use Evolution Tour next time we go east.

There are great advantages to traveling this way. The length of the holiday can also be adjusted individually, and it is possible to design a journey so it precisely meets own needs and becomes as one wants. Transportation is by private car, i.e. it is possible to stop without having to take into account anyone other than yourself – we’ve only met happy and welcoming drivers.

Evolution Tour can also be helpful in planning excursions from the destination – this is also done individually, and we have had great pleasure to be introduced to Thailand’s attractions by Evolution Tour’s dedicated and all-knowing tour guides.

Once you have been on a trip where everything is planned individually you can only travel in this way in the future. We are looking forward to our next trip with Evolution Tour, and we pass on only the best recommendations.


– Christina Christoffersen & family

During the past 7 years, our family of 2 adults and 3 children have traveled by Evolution Tour.

We planned our trip from home with what we wanted to see, where we would stay, choice of transportation and how much time we would spend at each place. Afterwards we sent the entire spread to Evolution Tour who made sure to book and arrange for us.

Everything has been professionally taken care of.

By having Evolution Tour do the bookings we have had the security that if we wished to change the itinerary along the way it was possible simply by contacting Evolution Tour, which we did a couple of times without experiencing any problems.

We highly recommend Evolution Tour which in a professional and serious manner has helped give us amazing experiences throughout Thailand and Cambodia.

Our next trip – well yes, Evolution Tour must of course arrange it for us.

Many good and warm thoughts and big thanks to Evolution Tour.

– Lene Lellek & family

I highly recommend Evolution Tour, I have traveled to Thailand several times and have been based on Koh Chang.

We landed by plane in Bangkok, then went to Thrat where we were all driven to the ferry and sailed across to Koh Chang where Evolution Tour stood ready with their super lovely cars. You immediately feel very welcome on the island.

We were then taken to our hotels around the island. For my part, I stayed at hotel Ban Pu every time, a hotel where you can be yourself, feel safe and live nicely.

The food is reasonably priced, versatile and very delicious. Ban Pu is as compliant as possible in catering to everyone’s wants in everyday life, you can even get your desired drink served on the beach or by the pool.

Evolution Tour ensures that you are installed in a house or a room depending on what you chose from home. The following day a representative from Evolution Tour stops by to hear if everything is okay, if there are wishes regarding the hotel, and to talk about the excursions you may wish to book with Evolution Tour.

Evolution Tour’s excursions are definitely not boring: they are very exciting trips whether it is on land or at sea. Each guest is taken into account and it will be ensured that all their wishes are fulfilled as best possible. During the trips you will be served delicious fruit and plenty of beverages such as cold bottled water as it is very important to get plenty of fluids in the heat in Thailand, up to approximately 30-32 degrees or above.

On the boat trips you will be sailed out to the small islands located here and there, some close by and others far away. Here the anchor is thrown, and guests can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and perhaps some people wish to scuba dive like I do, and watch the countless beautiful fish that are in the waters around Thailand. Some places you will go ashore on an island where a delicious lunch awaits with cold drinks in coconuts which is very refreshing, here people can swim or just relax and enjoy themselves and perhaps have a nice chat with the other guests. Additionally, the prices of Evolution Tour’s excursions are very reasonable; you can always afford a few extra trips with Evolution Tour.

The managers and the staff of Evolution Tour are all on their toes to help with everything during the time you spend in Thailand.

I can very highly recommend Evolution Tour, and everything they stand for.

Transportation, hotels, excursions and much more.


Jytte Villadsen

23 March 2012.

Me and Evolution Tour

I have chosen to write this post because I want to help all you others who want to experience amazing Thailand in the best way, no matter if you’ve been there before or are going for the first time or is back for the third or fourth time. I have extensive experience with traveling in Thailand and you have choose carefully among the variety of supply and suppliers. Thailand is actually an easy country to travel in on your own but it’s also nice to be able to sit back and be pampered, and at the same time feel safe and be sure that you get the best experiences and not to experience a lot of irregularities and difficulties. Especially if you have small children and just want things to go well. I therefore strongly recommend Evolution Tour as your travel partner. I had my first encounter with them in 2004 when I, along with my 15-year-old son had chosen to travel around with a backpack for 1 month in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. We planned to finish on beautiful Koh Chang and check into a luxury resort and pamper ourselves the last 10 days. We had nothing planned and started straight away in the process of planning what to do. It was a mere coincidence that just next to our resort was a small office where I first met the people behind Evolution Tour, which to our surprise is owned by Danish Brian Boysen and his sweet wife Kai. We quickly established a good contact and with their professional advice and guidance we went on some fantastic tours in and around Koh Chang and a small detour to the mainland to Chanthaburi Dolphin Park – Oasis Sea World to swim with dolphins which was a wonderful experience. We got a fantastic service and everything went smoothly, and it was great to experience a very committed and heartily staff who were struggling to do the best for everyone. There is a special vibe to the company as it’s like a family and now, many years later, I can ascertain that it was not a coincidence I felt this way as many of the guides are still here 8 years after our first encounter and I have developed a personal friendship with several of them.

I have subsequently in all the years availed made use of Evolution Tour for many tasks and in that time the company has developed into covering almost all of Thailand in the north and south and on my travels around the country, and so I have used their hotel booking, transfers, private guides and many different excursions all to my greatest satisfaction. One thing I would like to highlight is that especially the excursions are a very positive experience because they are adapted to Scandinavian and European guests which is not always the case when you book tours with bureaus run by Thais, which I have tried many times. I think we might have different views on to how such trips should be composed but Evolution Tour does it very well. I also find it very important to mention that Evolution Tour always gets the details just right, and punctuality and honesty are the hallmarks of Evolution Tour  – only the best seems to be good enough. I have referred many friends and acquaintances to Evolution Tour and the feedback has always been the same: only positive. I agree with their motto: “We meet as strangers and parts as friends.” Take a good look at their website and explore it thoroughly, whether you want to travel north, south, east or west there are a lot of great deals.

– Morten Christiansen – Copenhagen Denmark

We are a family with 3 children who have traveled to Thailand several times.

We have in this connection had Evolution Tour book hotels, transportation to and from Koh Chang and various excursions.

We ordered part of it from home via emails to Brian but also called Brian while in Thailand to order various tours and transportation.

We have been very pleased with what has been organized for us and the service is always top notch.

– Gyrit Madsen

Over the past 4 years my girlfriend and I have traveled to Thailand for holiday and each time booked with Evolution Tour. This included booking of hotels, arranging for a car, as well as boat and airplane transportation. There is always a high level of service and everything works very well. We never booked anything we weren’t satisfied with.

They have a good range of hotels around Thailand and their prices are always better (cheaper) than you would find yourself. You can also get guidance about the standard of the hotels, beaches and the like.

We just think it’s nice when you are abroad and things go smoothly – that’s what vacation is all about.

– Jan Carlsen

We have visited Koh Chang each year since 2006, and have used Evolution Tour’s expertise for booking hotels, transfers and excursions. We always get a quick response on mail before the holidays – and the tour guides on the island always provide fast service with a smile and a sense of humor. We always recommend others to use Evolution Tour when they want to arrange an individual holiday in Thailand.

– Mona Svan

In the spring of 2007, I read an interesting article on “Paradise on Earth” in Jyllandsposten. Here was a terrific story about a beautiful island in Thailand – near the Cambodian border. The name of the island is Koh Chang which means elephant island.

My wife and our 2 teenage daughters agreed that our summer vacation that year should be held on this island. We then contacted Brian Boysen, the proprietor of Evolution Tour to see if he could arrange our holiday in Thailand for us. And what a holiday we had!

Brian booked us a magnificent hotel in Bangkok overlooking the Menam River. Here we lived in the utmost luxury for 3 days at a very reasonable price. Then Evolution Tour made arrangements for our lovely 3 week stay on Koh Chang where we also lived luxuriously in a splendid hotel/resort – Kacha Resort & Spa – almost right on the beach. A real bounty beach with the most amazing clear blue water.

We went on a variety of excursions, all of which were organized by Brian, and with local guides. Everything went smoothly. Highly recommended!

After 4 weeks of relaxation and amazing experiences we returned to Denmark happy and satisfied, and with a great desire to return to Thailand.

Following the cold winter of 2010/2011 it was yet again a common requirement in the family that our summer holiday of 2011 would be in Thailand. Once again we contacted Evolution Tour who arranged for a great holiday with lots of challenges and experiences. Our girls were now 13 and 17 years old so we had the chance to be a little more adventurous this time around.

We started by spending 5 days in the province of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Absolutely gorgeous and very different as the area is less touristy and therefore untouched. The nature consists of rainforests with roaring rivers and a diverse flora and fauna. Do not miss “Flight of the Gibbon”, a zip-line adventure in the treetops of the rainforest. A pure adrenalin rush! Of course Brian can also arrange this for you.

The hotel we stayed at was nice and located in the middle of the Night Bazaar. Don’t forget to buy an extra suitcase for all the stuff you buy there.

Later on we flew to Koh Samui where we had 16 nights at the Resort Baan Haad Ngam. Paradise!

We were on several excursions, and otherwise just enjoyed life at the pool and beach with a nice book within reach. Great service, food and drinks at incredibly low prices. Lunch for 4 persons incl. soft drinks for 25 DKK .

Then followed 5 days in Bangkok again at a hotel overlooking the Menam River. A city we all enjoy more with each visit. But the amount of people. Almost 18 million and the area is the size of the entire Zealand.

See you Thailand in 2013!

– Niels Bang -E.

In connection with the planning of a sailing holiday in Thailand in 2011 many things had to fall into place. Once the boat and flights were booked everything had to be linked with various transfers and bookings of bungalows for an extension of the holiday experience.

I sent an email to Brian Boysen, Evolution Tour, where I described our needs. After some correspondence back and forth, and some good advice from Brian it all fell into place. Minivans from the airport in Bangkok to Koh Chang with stops to get food for the boat trip. Later private speedboat from Koh Chang to Koh Mak, bungalows on Koh Mak, and finally speedboat and minivan back to Bangkok.

Everything worked perfectly with fast response via email. I received a detailed description of each service provided, and vouchers for settlement of those involved. Even small adjustments to the schedule along the way were made easily and painlessly with a phone call. The minivans were pleasant, and the chauffeurs were thoughtful and drove safe which is not something you can always expect in Thailand.

All in all a very positive experience even at a very reasonable and competitive price.

I highly recommend Evolution Tour in the planning of individual vacations in Thailand.

– Tage Bay

We have benefited from Brian on many trips and are very pleased with the things he has done for us and our friends. It includes transportation to and from the airport and hotels, and making sure we get to stay the places we want.

– Lis & Erik Vixø

We are a family of 6 who have repeatedly travel with the help of Evolution Tour since we always feel they understand our needs and treat us well. No matter if we have needed help from scratch or we have been demanding and known exactly what we wanted, Evolution Tour always manages to accommodate our wishes perfectly.

We have used Evolution Tour around the Koh Chang area and Koh Lanta area plus transfer from Bangkok and the like. Things always just work.

Regarding the hotels we have visited, I will briefly summarize and describe a bit about them.

Koh Wai Pakarang Resort (Koh Wai): Staying at this hotel is a very special experience because it is placed on a very small island with houses more or less directly on the beach. The rooms are not worth mentioning since they consist of no more than a bed and a bathroom – it’s not nice or welcoming but neither is it inside your bungalow you want to spend your time on this amazing island. Tourist boats visit the island daily which indicates how great it is – you can seek shelter from the tourists on the completely deserted little beaches. A unique experience. A very cheap place to stay.

Koh Kood Resort (Koh Kood ). Beautiful resort with access to private beach with giant sun loungers. The resort is placed in a forest/jungle and is incredibly cozy. Great service and nice VERY cheap food. We rented a scooter directly from the hotel for a whole day for approx. 60 DKK and drove around the island – it is a wonderful experience where you really get to explore the island and all its possibilities. Very nice bungalows with outdoor bath.

Koh Mak Resort (Koh Mak). Lovely resort directly on the large private beach. The rooms were fine with the necessary elements. Great terrace overlooking the beach. Nice pool.

From here Evolution Tour has an excursion to Koh Rayang which we tried. You can also choose to stay as many days as you want on this very small island at Koh Rayang Resort – the only resort on the island. It is a totally deserted island with an absolutely stunning beach and even more amazing coral reefs where you can see all kinds of fish: we think it’s the best place to snorkel in the Koh Chang area. Sweet English hostess in the restaurant.

Overall I would recommend that you inform Brian/Evolution Tour on your wishes and hopes for the vacation as he will soon be able to compose a good trip to match those wishes. You can expect a quick response from the company, and a loving helping tone throughout the entire process. This is definitely not the last time we book with Evolution Tour.

– Louise Chérie Krüger

For our annual winter trip to Thailand for the past 7-8 years we have used Evolution Tour for booking hotels and arranging transportation to/from the airport, between hotels and transfers to/from the islands. We also had the great pleasure of taking advice from Evolution Tour when choosing hotels.

We are always very satisfied with the service we receive. It has, even at competitive prices, worked very well every time.

– Vilhelm Nielsen

We had a wish to compose a holiday where 4 people would travel to Bangkok, and one person would join us from another destination, and the plane should not be included in the package. Also, we wanted to go to Cambodia on a tour and then to Koh Chang on holiday and end the trip in Bangkok where the 4 people would go back to Denmark and one person to Singapore.

After asking and talking to several travel agents we found that it was too difficult for them to figure out a solution so we had almost given up – when I by chance came across Evolution Tour’s website. After just a short email correspondence all our questions had been answered and our travel itinerary was in place, and we could even get the exact hotel we wanted (despite the fact that other agents told us it was not available). We would like to thank you for a superior experience. Airport pick up, transportation and guide in Cambodia with just the things we wanted to see, journey to Koh Chang, hotel accommodation, and finally pick-up at the hotel and transfer to Bangkok all worked perfectly and on time.

We already recommended you to lots of people – and would like to travel with you again…

– Mette Tougaard, Fjerritslev – Denmark

We highly recommend which is a very good choice when it comes to organizing a trip to Thailand. They are very professional in organizing, and always deliver good service on time – Evolution Tour also offers sensible prices on hotel accommodation, excursions and transportation. We have now chosen them as our travel agent for the third time in a row because everything we agree on always come together nicely, and we also feel it is very practical that you can email with Brian Boysen about even the smallest details in planning your trip. Incidentally you also always have the option of calling him with questions or enquiries upon arriving in Thailand which we find very reassuring.

– Hanne & Michael Andreasen, Struer – Denmark

Have been to Thailand a number of times, the last 4 years we booked with Evolution Tour.

They have arranged for hotel and transfers from the airport to the destinations we wanted to visit.

It has always been a pleasure to use Evolution Tour since it just always works at is it supposed to.

We have been on many lovely excursions organized by Evolution Tour. Highly recommended.

– Charlotte Storm Pedersen