To Sukhothai on company trip in 2013

In September 2013 we were ready for another company trip, this time to the first capital of Thailand, Sukhothai.

 It was Asia Evolution Tour’s 10th anniversary so we planned for great fun.

 Team Koh Chang left Koh Chang on September 5th and spent the night in Bangkok before arriving in Sukhothai on September 6th around 4PM.

 Team Chiang Mai had taken the short distance from Chiang Mai and was already in Sukhothai around 2PM.

 Brian & Apple Hansen joined us and had arranged some fun games which we all enjoyed participating in both Friday and Saturday.

 Saturday morning we went cycling in the ancient ruins of Sukhothai’s days of glory.

 All in all, we shared some fantastic days in Sukhothai and enjoyed spending some time together again, as this does not happen very often.