4 day company trip in Khao Yai National Park in 2007


In June 2007 we went on a company trip and this time we were going to visit the beautiful National Park Khao Yai that is north of Bangkok.


This year we had an extra day on the trip so that we could spend 4 days together. Brian Hansen and Apple had of course once again planned lot of funny games for our team building.


We started from Koh Chang on June the 1st in the morning and reached the National Park around 15.00. First we visited the biggest and most beautiful waterfall of the park which was very beautiful.


From the waterfall to the head office of the park where we were going to stay there was about 30 minutes. On the way there was suddenly a herd of elephants who blocked the road. It was some experienc to pass the elephants without getting attacked.


On the second day we started with a 3 hours jungle trekking trip through the beautiful jungle and after a good lunch we shaped the course for River Rafting. There was not that much stream in the river, so it was hard work down the river, but we had super fun.


On the third day Brian Hansen and Apple had arranged a lot of games in the morning. After lunch we continued with bowling and paint ball games. On June the 4th it was once again time to return to Koh Chang.