Company trip in 2006 to the bridge over the River Kwai


In June 2506 we once again went on a company trip and this time we were going to visit the famous bridge over the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi that is north of Bangkok.


We left Koh Chang on June the 9th early in the monrning and arrived at Kanchanaburi around 14 o’clock. Here we had a lovely lunch down by the river and afterwards we visited the memorial cemetery, war museum and the bridge over the River Kwai.

After that we went on an exiting trip on the “railway of death” which was a beautiful trip through the lovely landscape in Kanchanaburi.


On the second day Brian Hansen and Apple were back with teambuilding and this year we had some exiting activities at the resort that we ended with football.


On the third day we visited Hell Fire Pass which was the place were many allied soldiers died in the construction of the railway of death. After this visit plus Soi Yok National Park our journey back began.