This half day Chiang Mai bicycle tour south of Chiang Mai is your best choice if you have only a half day available for a bicycle tour. This bicycle tour will give you a very good impression about the Northern Thai culture, history, rural life and scenery south of Chiang Mai. The cycling is on well-planned routes down quiet roads and lanes, chosen for the interest and contact with the Thai countryside and Thai way of life. This Chiang Mai bicycle tour is ideal for the majority people of who have an average level of fitness and an interest in cycling. 

08.30 : Met and Transferred by an English Speaking Guide from the hotel to Trekker camp, a centre of cycling tour & gears where briefly information about a cycling route as well as the instructions of using the mountain bike will be explained. 

09.00 : Start cycling from here via Padad-Singhakam route passing Padad Tai village along the Ping’s Riverside then continues through the 2nd ring road crossing Koh Klang Bridge (Kourmung). 

09.30 : Stop at Wat Koh Klang, an important temple of this community.

10.00 : Visit McKean, A Leprosy Rehabilitation Center which’s in charge of the Church of Christ in Thailand where people give and express their love to God. Admirably, there, people have been caring and helping each other for more than hundred years. Get around the hospital’s compound and enjoy purchasing many lovely souvenirs at the handicraft center belonged to the hospital. 

10.30 : Proceed cycling to the vegetables plantation belonged to the villagers which is the trend of sustainable agriculture. Over there, the land has been reclaimed without using any chemical fertilizer. Instead, the farmers prevent and eliminate pests by using natural process. Explore around to see plantations of cabbage, chili, corn, eggplant, pea, shallot, and garlic for examples. Next, continue cycling a bit more to see various types of fruits such as banana, mango, and etc. Also if you love to join the gardener’ activities likes cultivating, watering, and fishing, these are something quite interesting to do as well!

11.00 : Leave for the Informational Centre of Wiang Kum Kam to get some background information of the ruin city. Wiang Kum Kam is the ancient underground empire of Lanna kingdom built by King Mang Rai where many ruin archeological excavations and sites for instances temples, Buddha images and old potteries have been discovered.

11.30 : Further biking through the village viewing Wiang Kum Kam in general. Make a first stop at Wat Chang Kum (also known as Wat Khan Tom), the first archeological site which was found in 1984. Keep on traveling to Wat E-Kang, Wat Nhan Chang, Wat Pu Beai, Wat Pra Thart Khaow, and the last temple, Wat Chedi Liem (also known as Wat Ku Kam Luang). Appreciate the enormous facet pagoda restored many times both by the Thai and Burmese consequently which shows a lot of mixture on the architecture’s style on the Chedi itself.

12.30 : Back to your hotel

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Price / Person

Adult : 1300 THB

Child : 1200 THB

** Private tour are available **

***All taxes and fees are included ***

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