Bangkok bike ride starts from : 10/5-7 Soi Ari, Sukhumvit Road, Soi 26 (just off Tara Hotel) where we meet at 08.00 or 13.00 (depending on which tour you choose). You are responsible for transportation to the start site (not included). When all participants have arrived there will be a short bike tour review, held in English.

We begin the Bangkok bike ride away from the big, busy roads and in through the lively Khlong Toey market. Here are u will find a colorful mix of Thai and Chinese goods, and you will among other things find impressive pyramids of fresh pineapple and cackling chickens in bamboo cages. The route takes us through the slums, where you can see the back of the metropolis, as well as through “Little Chinatown” where kids excited wave and shout “hello” for the unusual sight of foreigners cycling.

When we have crossed the river in the longboat, we come over to the “Bangkok’s lungs”, where we cycle around the narrow cement paths that are built on stilts in clone like channels and with its extensive trail system. Here are the towers replaced with palm trees and traffic noise by birdsong – a completely different side of Bangkok, than most travelers experience.

NOTE: The program is subject to change. Climatic conditions can also lead to changes in the program.

The excursion includes:
Local Guide
Fruit and drinks
 Adult / Children



The above price is based on Join Tour “together with others.”

There are 2 rides daily. You can choose between a Morning CET. 08-12 or Afternoon CET. 13 – 17

Bangkok by bicycle

Bangkok bike ride gives your a glimpse of a undiscovered Bangkok.

Discover a completely different side of Bangkok in Bangkok this bike ride. You would not think it was possible to cycle in this metropolis, but it really is.

Look forward to experiencing a very local Bangkok with small markets and Little Chinatown. In Bangkok bike ride we move away from the metropolis and traffic noise towards the local areas of Bangkok where life is more “slowly” and the enviroment more quiet.

– Cruise on the Chao Paya River

– Thonburi and local life

– Magical Grand Palace

– Bangkok’s first University, Wat Pho

– The Lying Buddha

– Dawn temple, Wat Arun

– Chinatown

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