Koh Chang

Koh Chang – Overview

With the steep jungle-clad peaks in the middle of the ocean preserves beautiful Koh Chang its robust spirit despite its current status as a package travel destination, opposite Phuket.

Along the coast there are several mini-cities that have overtaken the island’s infrastructure and fighting for decent sanitation and alternative means of transportation for a growing population.

A stretch of long white sandy beach with coconut plantations are a common sight on Koh Chang, which is the largest and busiest island in Trat and the second largest island in the country after Phuket.

Koh Chang has an area of 429 km2 and has a fantastic nature that in a nice way, blended with the traditional way of life. 70 percent undisturbed rainforest, steep hills, cliffs, waterfalls, notable wildlife, fine beaches, coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. The are many orchards on the Island.

Most of the scenic beaches and bays are on the west side and extends from north to south they include Ao Khlong Son, Hat Sai Khao, Hat Khlong Phrao and Hat Kai Bae. A cutting path through the western shore almost reaching Hat Kai Bae where there is a nature trail through Ao Bai Lan and Ao Kruat and meanders through wet forests to Ban Bang Bao, a fishing village at the foot of the hill to the south.

The beautiful island with its natural and cultural resources should be experienced on your Thailand trip.

Koh Chang – Getting there

To get to Koh Chang on your Thailand trip, you can book a flight from Bangkok to Trat Airport (40 km from Trat city) which is located on the mainland. (Departures three times daily) The ferry departs from southwest of Trat town. Depending on the pier and ferry you choose, you will arrive either at Tha Sapparot (closest to the coast and beaches). Koh Chang Ferry arranges this service.

Price: 80 baht for a one way ticket, takes 30 minutes, with departures daily at. 6:30 to 19:00

Or you can come up with Tha Centre Point, which is further away from the coast. Centre Point Ferry arranges this trip.

Price: 80/100 Baht for single ticket / tour takes 45 minutes with departures daily. 6:00 to 19:30. During high season- ferries to go at 21:00 on weekends.

Another option is to take a bus from Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi), which runs directly to Koh Chang with two stops in Trat and Chanthaburi.

Departure from Bangkok Airport (Suvarnabhumi) at. 07:30 – arrival at Koh Chang (Khlong Son) at. 13:30

Price: 608 baht. 6 hours

In addition to this bus, you can also use the minibus service from Bangkok’s Victory Monument go to Koh Chang Tha Sapparot.

Price: 300 baht. Single tickets, 4-hours. Departure every hour.

Koh Chang – Weather

High season – from November to February

Average daily temperature: 32 º C

On your Thailand trip, this is probably the best time of year to visit Koh Chang, especially if you’re looking for the sun. Koh Chang’s beaches are at their best at this time of year with the wide open spaces, white sand and crystal clear water.

The weather is dry, hot and sunny with almost cloudless sky. The humidity is low and the weather is much more bearable at this time of year.

Mid season – from March to May

Average daily temperature: 34 ° C

Almost as hot and a bit warmer than in the high season. It’s still a good time to visit the island. It’s a bit more quiet, perfect for those seeking peace, quiet and privacy.

The weather is dry, warm, humid and mostly cloudy but there are many hours of sunshine. In the evening it properly rain and thunder.

Low season – from June to October

Average daily temperature: 32 ° C

You must be aware of before your Thailand trip to the off-season is also known as the rainy season but it is still possible to have an enjoyable holiday. Waterfalls, plants and animals are best on Koh Chang at this time of year.

The weather is hot, humid and wet. It will not rain every day and the sunniest hours will be during the morning hours, but it will usually still be counted in the evening hours.

Some stores close this season and the small islands around (Koh Wai, Koh Mak and Koh Kut) closes completely.

Koh Chang – Beaches

On Koh Chang there are several beautiful beaches, most with living accommodation but some of them are still untouched, as in many other places on your Thailand trip.

The 4 main beaches of the island’s White Sand Beach, Khlong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Lonely Beach, all located on the west coast. Even Wai Chek Beach in the southwest and southeast of Long Beach is worth a visit on your Thailand trip.

There is still no accommodation at Wai Chek Beach and Long Beach, so those who choose to access them will not have to share these amazing beaches with others. It is not only the charming beaches but well coves and untaught villages on the island. This is  worth a visit on your Thailand trip.

Koh Chang’s beaches are divided into two groups, the beaches on the west and east side. The most attractive is located on the west side such as White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Klong Plu Waterfall, Kai Bae Beach. Lonely Beach and Bangbao Beach are fishing communities. Unlike the east side that barely explored, are the less popular but equally attractive places Than Mayom Waterfall, Klong Nonsi waterfall, Wai Chek Beach Salakphet Bay Long Beach, Salakkok Bay, fruit and rubber plantations and a few fishing villages.

Lonely Beach

Although the beach is surrounded by rocky landscape, there is still a decent sandy beach in this area where guests can participate in all kinds of beach activities on their Thailand trip. With hanging palm beach has a great view of the jungle-covered mountains in the background. The beach is wide, clean and safe, making it perfect for relaxing or picnicking families. Lonely Beach can be visited all year round, but the most beautiful time with beautiful weather is at the end of the year, from October to April / May.

White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Khao)

If you want to sunbathe, swim or play volleyball so has White Sand Beach enough space for all of these things, especially when the tide is low. Avoid the southern part of the beach as it is quite rocky. The most recommended areas in the middle and at the northern end of the beach. But do not expect paragliding, banana boats and jet skis. This is forbidden because the parts of the island is a national park and protected. White Sand Beach is beautiful at the end of the year, from October to April / May.

Klong Prao Beach

Both the northern and southern end is over 1 km long and the middle section is about 1.5 km. In the north beach at the cliff Laem Chai Chet. The southern part known as Klong Makok Beach, ending at the cliff that separates this beach from Kai Bae Beach.

The beach is quite flat as most other beaches on the west coast but is still suitable for swimming. Two small islands, Koh Suwan and Ko Rome is located in the southern end of Khlong Prao Beach.

Koh Chang – Things to Do

Koh Chang National Park is an excellent piece of natural heritage surrounded by dazzling azure coast. The untamed beauty of the island means that even when walking or sunbathing you find yourself in the middle of a constant untouched nature. As soon as you open your eyes and step out of the door begins a spectacular sightseeing on your Thailand trip.

The island is best known for its forests and waterfalls than artificial structures. However, this is inevitable, as the country becomes more and more urbanized with commercial businesses and properties that are growing up around the island. The positive side of this is the newly built road that circles the island and connects to areas of interest, and offers easy access to attractions that were once difficult to reach.

East Coast is home to some enchanting waterfalls, while the Mu Koh Chang National Park which covers parts of Koh Chang and other islands can be easily reached by boat. Koh Chang has been nicknamed “Elephant Island” because it is obligatory with a hiking trip to Koh Chang and thus spends a day with the elephants which includes feed and swim with these gentle giants.


The many beautiful waterfalls on Koh Chang has many visitors during the months of October and November – the end of the rainy season. Mayom, Klong Neung (the island’s highest waterfall) Khlong Phlu, King Rama and the 12-storey Ke Rhepet can be reached quite easily. Visitors can either go by foot or take the mountainbike to reach the waterfall, followed by a cooling in the natural pool. Less impressive but still entertaining waterfalls in areas Khlong Son, White Sand Beach and Kai Bae.


An absolute must on your Thailand trip is to visit Buddhist temples. The impressive structures reflect the religious background that is so dominant in the culture of Thailand. The island is home to five impressive temples, where the foundation of Thai culture and spirituality worshiped. These include: Wat Khlong Nonsi, Wat Bang Bao, Wat Khlong Prao, Wat Khlong Son and a Chinese temple which is just before Dan-May-Pier Baan Khlong Nonsi. Tourists should be aware that appropriate clothing should be worn. Covered shoulders are mandatory at all times in areas where there is Buddhist worship. This applies to all parts of your Thailand trip.

Koh Chang Monkey School

The new monkey school on Koh Chang is located on White Sand Beach is something of a surreal but very pleasant experience. The center has trained monkeys to perform tricks and make small “joke” to confuse the audience, as a theater-inspired monkey show.

The show is three times a day and the school will surely make the audience laugh.

Scuba Diving

Some of the world’s most exquisite coral and exotic marine life is found in the ocean next to Koh Chang. Experts believe that visibility can be up to 65 meters on a calm day. Bang Boa is considered the most popular harbor to dive from, although boats can be taken from most beaches. It takes on average between 60-90 minutes to reach the areas of interest Hin Luk Bat, Hin Rap, Koh Wai, Koh Gra and Hin Kadung, which are some of the most impressive dive sites within easy reach of the island.

Elephant trekking

If you want a bit of Indiana Jones adventure on your Thailand trip so betrays usually elephant trekking not. Elephant trekking consists of two planned roads, a road runs through a rubber plantation and into a pomelo orchard, while the other longer route takes one down into a valley and up to the northern part of the island, where you can swim with the elephants in water from Nag Yom waterfall. Hikes can be easily arranged through resorts and island tour shops on your Thailand trip.


Both private and group boat tours can be easily arranged on the island. Whether you go on your own or participate in a planned trip, all visitors venture out to the surrounding islands and enjoy the surrounding sights seen from the open sea. Night and day tours include various islands and snorkeling stops. Often served at dinner or lunch on the boat or on a secluded island for a night sky filled with stars. The tours range from five star catamarans to the equally charming motorboats.


The sensory delights of the island range from five-star Anna Resort to an al fresco massage on the beach. The ancient art of aromatherapy and massage has become synonymous with Thai lifestyle, especially for visitors who are keen on healing and joyful entertainment at their Thailand trip.

These techniques can also be taught in most tourist areas and Thai cities. Try a body scrub before you turn your nose down at the beach, or a traditional Thai massage after a day of hiking around the island. This will certainly be refreshing for your mood the next morning and continue day of your Thailand trip.

Koh Chang – Shopping

Shopping in Koh Chang is more impulse shopping and souvenir shopping than in mega-malls and the many other markets in Bangkok. Although there are plenty of day and night markets and souvenir shops, they are fake classics probably best to buy on the mainland. They can also be easily found on the island.

Picturesque markets with stalls around the area selling local crafts and furniture that is unique, eye-catching and at very reasonable prices. CDs and DVDs can be purchased in lots on the streets and on the beach and various types of clothing, sunglasses, branded and t-shirts.

Koh Chang – Restaurants

Since the island has evolved so has all the eateries also been diversified in an effort to meet the international needs of travelers on their Thailand trip.

Despite this, the Thai cuisine on the island still popular and very tasty. As often the case, it is food on the street among the most delicious.

International cuisine is available at most beaches and most restaurants also there to offer on their menus. Koh Chang has several differences in food, grilling on the beach, fresh fish and seafood served from restaurants lined up on the beach.

Places to eat in Kai Bae Beach on your Thailand trip

Because the way this area is quite narrow and everything is close together has never been easier to find a place to eat at. Take a walk along the road and you will see a large selection of local restaurants serving everything from Thai to popular Western dishes.

Pao Pak Noodle

The name means in Thai “lip-blowing noodle”. It has received this name because of the spicy burning sensation that gives the noodles. Pao Pak Noodle serves a wide variety of noodles with specially marinated pork. Some of the most popular dishes include honey marinated and pork stew with crab flavor. One thing to remember is to be careful with the almighty chili!

Kai Bae Marina

Best known for its big, delicious steaks. Kai Bae Marina is a well-established restaurant serving a selection of German and European dishes. They have a wide selection of pizza and pasta dishes as well as an impressive selection of Thai specialties. At night, they also show movies in the restaurant.

Papa’s Deli

Opposite Kai Bae Marina is a sweet little bakery called Papa’s Deli. With air-conditioned seating and a tempting selection of freshly baked pastries, delicious baguettes and croissants. This location also offers a wide selection of coffee drinks.

Places to eat in Klong Prao Beach on your Thailand trip

There are plenty of eateries in Klong Prao Beach. Some hotels and resorts have restaurants and cafes. Quality and tasty meals are available along the roads and especially in the area around Klong Plu Waterfall, where there are some great food stalls with a variety of food from northeastern Thai cuisine. For example, a little spicy papaya salad and spicy minced pork can be enjoyed.


Is located on the road to Chai Chet in the north end of Klong Prao Beach. Taj offers a wide selection of Nordic classics and the aromatic and spicy South Indian cuisine. House specialties include tandoori chicken, aloo palak and Chicken Tikka Masala.

Sea Breeze

Is located in Koh Chang Tropicana Hotel. Sea Breeze has a menu filled with locally caught fish and shellfish that are appetizing. Recommended dishes are the tiger prawns and grilled lobster served with butter and garlic sauce.

Blue Lagoon

Is located in a small lagoon opening on Klong Prao Beach. Blue Lagoon is the home of imaginative recipes that prawns in a packet of noodles and topped with fried sesame seeds with sweet chili sauce and “Som Tam polamai” (spicy fruit salad).


Enjoy contemporary Italian cuisine in a vibrant setting at Sassi, one of Amari Emerald Cove Resort & Spa restaurants where you can share an anti-pasti with your friends or enjoy a bottle of wine from the extensive wine cellar.

Kati Culinary

A good place to taste a wide variety of authentic Thai dishes such as Tom Yum Kung (hot and sour shrimp soup) and Pad Thai (fried noodles with dried shrimp). Kati Culinary also offers Thai cooking classes for those who want to learn to master the art of Thai cooking.

Orn Kai Moon

Orn Kai Moon serves authentic “Isan” (northeastern) food, with special “kai Moon” (rotating grilled chicken) and an impressive selection of spicy salad. This small and beautiful restaurant located before the entrance to Klong Plu waterfall and one of the most popular attractions on Koh Chang.

Places to eat in Lonely Beach on your Thailand trip

On the main road and the beach there is a swarm of small and large restaurants with a selection of local and international dishes. The beach offers a mix of local and resort restaurants and banana pancakes (roti) and “der Tam” (Thai spicy papaya salad) booths. The majority of restaurants are a combination of bar and restaurant, which makes it very convenient to both dine and drink their drinks in one place.

Joy Cottages

This river bar / restaurant specializes in delicious seafood and offers a wide selection of Thai and Western dishes. From the famous hot and sour räksoppan to a variety of pizza and pasta.

BB Divers Pool & Lounge

This dive shop is a combination of bar and restaurant all in one with a private pool. It serves a variety of pizzas and a mix of Thai and Western cuisine. This place also has regular pool parties.

Places to eat at the White Sand Beach on your Thailand trip

It takes no effort to find a place to eat on the White Sand Beach because the most hotels and resorts offer a wide variety of restaurants serving local and international cuisine. Tasty and cheap, try the delicious local favorites such as the “Tam” (spicy papaya salad), “Tom Yum Goong” (hot and sour shrimp soup) and “Pad Thai” (fried noodles with various ingredients such as dried shrimp and tofu) in the bustling food stalls and restaurants can be found along the main road and the beach.

15 Palms

15 Palms is a beach bar and restaurant that has a wide selection of Thai and Western dishes, English breakfast, children’s menus and free Wi-Fi. A free shuttle service to Paddy’s Palms Irish Pub is also available.

Ba Mee Nong Bua

If you want a quick meal so visit Ba Mee Mong Bua offering delicious egg noodles with BBQ pork. The restaurant also serves seafood noodles, “Khao Mun Kai” (rice and chicken), “Khao Moo-dong” (BBQ pork and rice) and a selection of Thai food topped with steamed rice.

Ban Thai

With a great location on the beach at the southern end of White Sand Beach serves Ban Thai a delicious selection of traditional Thai dishes and Western favorites. Enjoy your meal at either Western table or in a comfortable Thai-style seating on the floor.

Koh Chang – Nearby

Bang Bao is the pier at the southern end which offers boat trips to nearby islands.

Ko Wai

Ko Wai is beautiful and primitive, located about 6 km south of the lower tip of Ko Chang. White sandy beaches, few people and rich marine life makes the island a favorite hiding place for travelers on their Thailand trip who want to escape screaming motorcycles and loud nights on the larger islands nearby.

There are only four bungalows for rent on the island – all on the north side of Ko Wai. From this coast are great views of the nearby islands.

If you can, try to decide where you want to stay before arriving at Koh Wai – so the captain can drop you off at the nearest pier. If you cannot decide, you do not excite you – Ko Wai is a small place and all the bungalows are within walking distance through a wide road running along the island’s north coast. Bungalows run on power generators, beating only the power of the huts between the hours of 18:00 to 23:00 each evening. Some of the bungalows have gas lamps to rent if you would like to stay up later. If you’re late, do not forget to take a flashlight with you because the paths between the bungalows are quite rocky.

Ko Mak

Koh Mak Island, where less is more.

Thailands preserved “treasure” Koh Mak is a natural and tropical island is an ideal destination for your Thailand trip to enjoy a peaceful environment that is not spoiled by mass tourism.

Amongst 10,000 palm trees, there is a temple, three fishing villages, rubber plantations, two uninhabited beaches, a primary school, a market, a wellness center, three diving schools, few shops, two internet cafes and thirteen small modest resorts.

Koh Mak is the perfect place to relax, explore, calm and soothe your senses.

Ko Kut (Koh Kood)

Although it is a beautiful mountainous island with white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters Ko Kut is a difficult destination to explore for the independent traveler. The resorts on the island caters specifically to charter tourists, and although they are mostly for charter guests so there are a few restaurants, shops and travel services available for those who have not booked a package. Ko Kut is the southernmost and second largest island of Ko Chang’s archipelago and the closest to Cambodia. Rumor has it that there is a secret village with only woman’s from Cambodia and Vietnamese refugees anywhere on the island.

For the explorers found a temple in the middle of the island in a small valley, and also in the southern part of the island is a giant lighthouse. If you can figure out how to get there, it is probably possible to climb up to the top, where you can get a good picture of both Thailand and Cambodia. None of the above, the roads, so you need some boots and a machete!

Koh Chang – Article

Koh Chang: Diving in Koh Chang

There are some excellent snorkeling opportunities and great diving opportunities in Koh Chang National Park. Koh Chang is developing into a great diving destination. Koh Chang Marine National Park has many diving opportunities, from coral peaks, deep wrecks, shallow reefs. Visibility is often up to 30 or 40 meters during the high season. The best time to dive is between October and May. Even during the rainy season, there are many quiet days where diving is still going well.

If you are considering diving in Koh Chang Scuba Zone, it is the first choice. They have the most superior equipment and boats with relaxed environment and can be found in White Sands, Kae Bai and Lonely Beach. It is worth calling one of the stores and have a chat with Matt, Dee, Cyril or one of their instructors to hear about the latest offers, weather, course offerings and diving. http://www.scuba-kohchang.com/

Around Koh Rang which is located in the south of the small islands can you find some of the most pristine coral reefs in Thailand, with large table corals. These reefs have a wide variety of marine life with fish, moray eels, stingrays and turtles. Large barracudas and mackerel also hunt around the reefs. Whale sharks are regular guests on the reef to the north and can be found throughout the season.

Koh Chang is a perfect place to learn to dive with ease. The courses are conducted in much smaller groups than some of the more advanced dive sites in Thailand. For the more experienced divers are many deeper dive sites like Hin Rap and Hin Luk Bat. For advanced and technical divers run some schools different trips to some of the newly discovered wrecks.

A one-day dive course costs about 4500 baht and PADI Open Water course costs around 14,500 baht. For qualified divers, the price for a day dives between 2700 and 3000 baht depending on the school and diving.