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Kayaking at Talabeng Island

We offer the opportunity to get close to nature and fascinating caves. Embark on a day when we by longtail boat and kayak experience the surroundings around Talabeng.

We begin this excursion by sailing with longtail boat through the mangrove forest to the islands Talabeng and Bu Bu.

At Talabeng we change to kayaks and paddle through beautiful caves and around the amazing rock formations. This is one of many highlights of the excursion, and you can enjoy the tranquil surroundings and expert guidance from the guide.

After our trip by kayak at Talabeng we move on to the island Bu Bu which has a really nice white sand beach, and here we enjoy lunch.

Afterwards, there is time to relax in the sun and have a well deserved swim. 


The excursion includes:  
Kayak and longtail boat
Lunch incl. drinking water





1300 900

Departure every day

Children up to 11 years


Kayaking at Talabeng Island

Welcome to Kayaking at Talabeng Island.

This excursion offers a unique opportunity to experience the beautiful Talabeng Island near Koh Lanta.

Sail through mangroves in a Thai longtail boat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings from a kayak - this trip offers both!


- Mangrove forest

- Kayaking

- Beautiful caves and rock formations

- Relaxation and swimming

- Beach

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