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Lanta Jungle Safari

Lanta Jungle Safari will bring you to the south of Koh Lanta.

We take you to the waterfall near Klong Jark Beach. The road follows the river through the deep jungle up to the waterfall.

Then we continue further south to Koh Lanta Yai National Park. Here you can see the famous Lanta lighthouse and enjoy the view to the islands of Koh Rok, Koh Ngai and Koh Mook.

A short ride in the car brings us to the unspoiled Mai Pai Bay, where we enjoy lunch and afterwards you can swim / snorkel or just enjoy the beautiful bay.


The excursion includes:
Local Guide
Entrance to National
Lunch with water


   Adult / Children


2500 / 1250

Do you want this tour please contact Evolution Tour at

The tour is every Monday & Thursday

Children up to 11 years


Lanta Jungle Safari

Come explore the beautiful Koh Lanta with Lanta Jungle Safari

On this Lanta Jungle Safari we drive with jeeps through the tropical rainforest and visit several interesting places. We bring you, among other things, to the waterfall at Klong Jark Beach.

On the Lanta Jungle Safari excursion we also visit Koh Lanta Yai National Park, which offers a great view of the other surrounding islands, including Koh Mook and Koh Ngai.

We eat lunch in Mai Pai Bay, and then it is possible to enjoy the beaches and swimming.

A wonderful outing for the whole family which really shows you Koh Lanta's many exciting highlights.


- Koh Lanta Yai National Park

- Tropical Rainforest

- Waterfall

- Viewpoints

- Bathing

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