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Diving on Koh Chang

On Koh Chang you will find some of the best opportunities in Thailand to dive. Especially around the island of Koh Rang, the possibilities are great and as Koh Rang is part of the Koh Chang National Park, the area protected by various rules.

On Koh Chang, we recommend Scandinavian Diving . They have years of experience and the safety is the most important.


Koh Thain:

Is a small island off the northern end of Koh Rang. This is one of the most popular spot for divers and snorkelers, and you have plenty of opportunities to experience the wonderful world under the sea and take some great underwater shots at the same time. The depth is about 8-15 meters.


Koh Yak:

Yak means big in Thai, but it is not the word great, you first think of when you see this little rock coming out of the sea. The area is not very deep, just about 10 - 11 meters, but you will find a large variety of coral and many beautiful anemones, with the little clownfish Nemo or the fish are better known within anamone.


Hin Kaduang:

These 2 rocks fall down to a depth of nearly 30 meters, making it one of the deepest dives around Koh Chang. With some luck you can see turtles and sharks half, but it belongs to the lucky ones. Otherwise the place is an incredibly beautiful dive with many beautiful coral and fish species.




Diving includes: 

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2 Fun Dives 2700
  3 Fun Dives 3500
  Discover Scuba Diving ( 2 Dives ) 4500
  Bubble Maker for KIDS 3200
  Open Water course 16000



Diving on Koh Chang

Diving Koh Chang is for the whole family.

Diving on Koh Chang is one of the best dive sites in Thailand. Especially the area around Koh Rang is particularly interesting for divers.

There are several diving companies on Koh Chang and we cooperate with Scandinavian Diving, whit Scandinavian speaking staff.


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- Koh Rang

- Hin Kaduang

- Koh Thain

- Koh Yak

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