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Flight of the Gibbon

Experience the jungle in Chiang Mai with The Flight of the Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon, is a "once in a lifetime" experience. High in the treetops of a pristine national park, you will glide through the jungle from tree to tree.

You are going through more than 5 km thrilling and chilling zip lines. There will be fantastic natural air bridges that get your adrenaline pumping hard.

If you're lucky, you might get a glimpse of a wild gibbon monkey in this pristine nature reserve.

The tour has no less than 39 stations, and along the way the highly educated and "safety minded" Sky Rangers share their knowledge of the rain forest flora and fauna in this ancient, biological and diverse wonderland.

On the tour you will cross a deep overhead walkway which is over 70 meters long. You will face the longest sky bridge in Asia, and the highest zipline. There will be a 20 meter high floating spiral staircase and you will find yourself hanging over a rushing river.

The tour includes lunch at Riverside Village Restaurant.


08:00 - Pick up from your hotel in Chiang Mai

09:15 - Arrive at Gibbon Discovery Park, Welcome and Introduction

09:30 - You will be equipped with safety equipment - Safety Briefing

09:45 - The experience starts - 39 stations with high-flying thrill, excitement and joy

13.00 - Life as Gibbon monkey ends - lunch in Riverside Village

14.00 - Jungle trekking to scenic places

15:00 - The program ends departure back to Chiang Mai

16:00 - Arrive at your hotel in Chiang Mai


NB: This is a family friendly experience, and there are no age requirements for children, but a requirement of a minimum height of 1 meter (Evolution Tour recommends that the child is approximately 12-13 years). There is no discount for children.

                                                  The excursion includes:                                                   
English speaking local guide
Experiences like program
                                                                                                  Adult / Child      



Are you interested in this tour: Flight of the Gibbon starting from Chiang Mai, please contact Evolution Tour at

The price is in THB (Thai Baht)

This tour with a local guide.


Flight of the Gibbon

Come along on a fantastic fun and exciting day at Flight of the Gibbon tour. You're going to swing from treetop to treetop with zip lines. Look forward to seeing the beautiful scenery from high above - a different experience for the whole family!


- Adrenaline in the treetops

- Beautiful scenery

- Ability to see gibbons

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